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Strategies to Generate More Clients for Your Call Center

The global outsourcing market in 2014 was 104.6 billion dollars, as per the statistic portal Statista. This growth has resulted due to emergence of various new players in the outsourcing business especially call center firms.

These call center companies face the major challenge of searching new clients for their business.

For getting business, the companies must utilize a blend of online and traditional methods.

Here is the list of important strategies that can be used by outsourcing firms to bring more clients.

Using the Power of LinkedIn

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter may be effective marketing tools but LinkedIn is boon for B2B service providers including call center companies. Building network, joining multiple groups and publishing suitable content are some of the major steps which can pave the way for getting clients for the business through this platform. Advanced search tool of LinkedIn is also an important feature which can land you with various prospects that can turn into clients. Optimization of LinkedIn profile is another important process which ensures that your company’s profile is searchable.

Call Center Business Strategy

Cold Calling

This is one of the oldest tricks for getting the clients across the world. Various marketing professionals even believe this to be an obsolete method. But if done in correct strategic manner, it will definitely provide you with valuable clients. Preparing a script for cold calls is essential for better performance. Try to use major keywords from the script and avoid reading it word-by-word as you may sound like a robot.

Also, immediate follow-up through a detailed email is essential to ensure that potential client considers your services.

Free Service Sample

If an outsourcing company is confident about its services, it must offer free sample services for the clients. Few days of sample service may land you with a long term contract which will help in meet the business objectives. Even if the company receiving your free service does not use the paid version, they will tell numerous other prospective clients which may buy your service. So, this strategy should never be considered as wastage of resources.

Having an Informative and Optimized Website

Having an informative website containing details of your call center and related services is a must to remain popular in the market. The call center agencies must not shy away from telling the features, achievements and methodology on the website. Also, make sure that the users can navigate easily throughout the website.

But, that’s not all!

The website should also be properly optimized for search engines so that potential clients can easily locate the firm while searching on engines like Google or Bing. Running on page and off page search engine optimization (SEO) for the website is quite economical and always derives positive results.

Providing useful content relevant to the outsourcing industry on the website’s blog is also necessary to remain active in online world.

Reaching Unorganized Sector

Every person has access to various contacts in unorganized and semi-organized sector. These businesses from unorganized sector can provide with lot of work especially when the resources of the call center firms are limited. This happens because these unorganized businesses including restaurants, schools, travel agents, showrooms and many more do not have experience in call center processes. So, they can easily hire the third party agencies if the importance of this process is explained properly to them.

There is also less competition in this sector as not every call center firm focuses on unorganized sector.

Turning Small Clients into Big Ones

Often, the companies neglect small business clients due to less duration of the contract. Various outsourcing firms believe that these small clients are not essential for their long term goals. But this is not always the right strategy.

Small businesses need suitable external support to prosper in their respective field. This support can be provided by outsourcing company by getting into a small term contract. By outsourcing their processes to vendors, the business of these clients will grow at an exponential rate. As a result, the contract may be converted into long term deal which can give enormous profit to outsourcing agency.


Asking the existing clients for the referral is a zero budget method and its impact can be highly fruitful for the business. Best time to ask for the referrals from your existing client is when  you are already providing your service to them. One can ask the clients to review them online on the websites where the company is listed. Offering a referral to someone is also considered best way get referrals in return.

It is also imperative to write a ‘thank you’ email to the sources of referral. One can also invite the referral source to a dinner as a part of appreciation.

As a whole, having a right mix of all these effective strategies is indeed essential to thrive in the competitive Call Center Business.

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