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In terms of technology used call centers india is second to none and has successfully launched India's one and only end to end CISCO based IP network call center by the name Vcare Care Call Centers India (P) Ltd, based out of a small suburb in the national capital territory region, This center has all the modern facilities a center must have and is situated in a huge campus spanning more than 11000 sq. ft, employing over 400

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Outsource Call Center Services to India

It is a great achievement for India that the world's 70% of the call center outsourcing is done from here. Indian strength in this segment is remarkably counted on top because the expertise and excellent communication skills contribute in serving numerous business operations without compromising on the international standards. A country that is 12 hours ahead of the most developed nations; we have all the potentialities to deliver the work overseas with an impeccable quality on 24x7x365 basis, and promise to satisfy the clients and their customers at any cost.

Indian labor rate is so far the most feasible and economical for the global business establishments that want to save some extra money that is spent upon the high cost labor. The outsourcing call centers of USA and other developed parts therefore needs a supporting hand to develop their business in order to focus on the core competencies and outsource their complex operations to a call center outsourcing firm in India that masters this art.

Why partnering with outsourced call centers in India makes perfect business sense:

  • You can save upto 70% of the overhead expenses that would otherwise be required for setting up, maintaining and running an in-house contact center.
  • Well educated and highly skilled agents are easily available.
  • You can focus on your core business functions as your other processes are being handled by experts in overseas location.
  • Favourable government policies introduced by Indian government make it easier for organizations to outsource their processes to India.

Outsourcing call centers to India is a preferable choice for the big business brands and small sized firm that faces a lot of differences in maintaining high-end infrastructure and bulk man-power. The rich variety of outsourced call center services being offered by the Indian contact centre guarantees a prompt management of the resources that are used in the entire business operations at all the levels.

What to Outsource:

The most crucial question faced by organizations today is “what to outsource”. While the benefits of outsourcing are very alluring, it is equally important to know the functions that an organization should outsource to overseas vendors. The basic rule is that you should divide you business activities into two segments, the core business functions and the non-core business functions. Only non-core business functions should be outsourced to overseas vendors. Your core business activities should be handled by you only.
Here are some of the most popular outsourced call center services that would help you in making the right decision.

Inbound Call Center Services: Inbound call center services comprise of customer support and all other services that require you to answer the incoming calls in your organization. Indian call centers are considered best choice for outsourcing inbound call center services.

Outbound Call Center Services: These services include telemarketing solutions, lead generation, seminars and surveys. Outsource outbound call center services to Indian call center service providers as they have established themselves as a trustworthy partner for all outbound services.

Non-Voice Services: Non-voice services usually consist of various back office services that help organizations in running their business smoothly. Indian call center agents are expert in undertaking and completing these time consuming tasks with 100 percent accuracy. Further, their services are reliable and cost-effective which makes them the ideal choice for outsourcing back office services.

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