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7 Ways to Make the Contact Center a Strategic Growth Engine

Contact centers are one of the industries where there is always scope of improvement as focus is more on manpower rather than machines. Customer satisfaction is another vital area where call centers has high focus. It is because it’s the customers which bring more business in future and help spreading the popularity through positive word of mouth.

Here are some of the strategies which should be incorporated in contact centers to turn it into an engine of strategic growth.

1. Extracting the Potential of Cloud Technology

In present scenario, almost every industry is looking forward to implement cloud computing technology to enhance the functioning of the processes. If implemented effectively, this technology has potential to half the overall cost of ownership of a contact center.

Generally, there are three major forms of cloud technology which can be used by contact center which include:

• Personal Cloud
• Hybrid Cloud
• Pure Cloud

Data security is another important advantage of moving to cloud. Management of remote agents is another beneficial use of this promising technology.

2. Starting Online Video Chat Support

The online chat support is not limited only to text or voice, but video chat support is also a revolutionary technology which has ability to transform the scenario of customer support services in a contact center. This technology gives more personalized touch to the interaction which leaves a lasting impression on the customer. As a result, customer feels connected to the brand and tends to return back in the future.

Another important benefit is that customer can solve queries by presenting a demo on his screen related to service or product.

3. Implementing Visual IVR for Self-Service

Interactive visual response of IVR is another technology which can be implemented by contact centers. It allows the users to simply select the interactive menu on the screens of their smartphone to get the action done as per their demands. This technology can also be used by the customers on the screens of their computer.

Frequency of calls in the contact center which will be decreased which can help in decreasing the number of contact center agents as customers can solve multiple queries by themselves using visual IVR. Also, visual IVR can help in routing the call to the most apt agent which will result in efficient query solving.  Even the report by IT Company Gartner mentioned that around 85 percent of consumers will interact with enterprises without the need of human agents.

4. Using Proactive Customer Support

Proactive customer support not only gives you a happy customer but it also reduces the overall effort of contact center agents. This can help you in reducing the volume of calls that ultimately will aid in improving the effective of your contact center. Using data mining, the call centers can derive a lot of useful insights related to the behavior of customers which can help in solving the queries easily. Agencies can also track potential issues of the customers by tracking by social media activity.

Companies can also use customer surveys and questionnaires which can help a lot in predicting the issues faced by the customers.

5. Maintaining a Robust Training Program

Training program is the vital process which decides how the agents will perform in the real-time scenario. So, it is essential to make sure that the companies impart training in highly professional manner. Video tutorials must be part of the call center training program. Also, the emphasis should be given more on practical training rather than theoretical part.

6. Implementing Gamification in the Company

Gamification instills right amount of motivation to the customers which is essential to ensure that they are delivering their best. If rewards are part of error-free work, it can also result in enhanced efficiency among the agents. Companies can also reduce the number of leaves taken by the employees by rewarding with no leaves for a month or two. All the benefits associated with gamification helps in building a positive atmosphere at the workplace which is imperative to achieve the desired goal by the company.

7. Utilizing Call Back Technology

Present day customer with his / her busy lifestyle hates to wait in queue especially when it comes to waiting on phone for getting a query resolved. The Contact Center Agencies must have call back technology which gives option to customers for receiving a call back from the company when the agent is available to help. This can also help the agents as they can call the customers when the volume of calls is less. The companies through technology can be assured that handling time related to customer queries is decreased. It also helps in cutting the costs to the company as waiting time incurs a lot of money.

So, these strategies have a potential to help the companies to stay ahead of the pack.

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