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7 Essential Steps for Call Center Management

Call center management is just like a game of chess! Each move by the player decides the final fate of the game. Outsourcing vendors often depend on traditional methods of management at the workplace due to which they are unable to establish themselves as the trusted service provider. But some effective techniques are still missed which too are essential for proper functioning of every contact center.

Call Center Management
Here are some essential call center management tips which will turn these service providers from average to best.

1. Constant Evaluation

Examining the quality of work of agents on regular basis ensures that agents of call center are motivated. This should be a regular practice and evaluation forms must be maintained as per the objectives of the call center. Quality assurance personnel and supervisors must prepare the forms and each agent of the workplace must be evaluated through this program.

2. Professional Training for Managers

It is said that successful managers constantly learn whenever they get a chance to ensure better management in their respective field. Managers from call center can gain knowledge from online and offline resources like crash courses, seminars and specialization courses etc.

The managers can reinforce their multiple skills from these courses and seminars like:

Creating Service Level Agreements with Consumers
Right Decisions for Contact Center Technologies
Preparing Effective Monitoring Forms
Budget Allocation for Training
Relationship Between Vital Call Center Metrics

Even call center companies can sponsor these courses for managers with the aim of betterment of the process.

3. Organizing End of the Day Sessions

Having a productive session at the end of each working day can be fruitful for the functioning of call center process. These sessions can include issues occurred during working hours, reasons of low productivity along with a useful tip from manager’s end. This will constantly keep the team motivated and help the agents in rectifying the issues faced by them on daily basis.

4. Using Call Center Metrics Wisely

When it comes to metrics, it is advisable to use the best ones rather than implementing numerous useless metrics which may not provide useful insights. Some vital metrics which are must for every call center include:

Net Promoter
Forecast Accuracy
Average Handling Time
Service Level
First Call Resolution

Maintaining a balance between internal and operational metrics is equally important to generate the maximum output.

5. Creating the Finest Environment

A good environment not only inspires existing agents to work effectively but also attracts new employees with desired skills. Make sure to celebrate every festival and organize team party once a month.

Also, organize creative activities on weekly basis which help in developing skills like team work. These activities will also make sure that the agents do not feel that the job is monotonous.

6. Hiring Talent with Multiple Qualities

Good communication skills are the priority when it comes to recruiting workforce for your call center. But call centers must also give emphasis on various other qualities to ensure that their employees have capability to retain the customers. Some qualities to look in a candidate during recruitment process include persuasion power, caring nature, ambitious and a team player. Interviews can be conducted in batches to easily analyze these characteristics among enthusiastic candidates. Do not forget to involve people from quality management to screen the suitable candidates.

7. Accessing the Competition

This technique is often ignored by regular call centers but the ambitious firms understand its vitality. Companies can examine the work environment, marketing strategies and technology which will help in taking better business decisions. SWOT analysis is one such essential management which can be utilized to get insights on competition in the market.

8. Investing in Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Various multinational firms from different industries are realizing importance of CCO who have ability to transform the customer experience to a new level. In call center too, a CCO can implement strategies and technologies as per recent trends in consumer-driven market. He can also instruct the QA team and managers on guidelines which are aimed for the improvement of process matching the expectations of the customers.


It is the set of proper planning and right people that help one to win the race. All the techniques discussed above definitely have the potential to help the Call Centers in beating their competitors without heavy investments.

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