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10 Tips for Outsourcing Call Center for your Business Operations

Finalizing the call center firm which can handle your company’s processes efficiently can be daunting task. This is because choosing a wrong call center can damage your brand value in the market. Therefore, it is essential to strategically go through multiple factors before shortlisting the call center firm.

Here are some important tips for choosing call center outsourcing partner that can handle the project most effectively.

Call Center Outsourcing

Tip #1: Make a List of all the Requirements

This is the preliminary step for every firm while planning to outsource the call center operations. First of all, analyze the requirements of business for which you are outsourcing call center process. Also, analyze the benefits your firm will receive by outsourcing call center services.

Finally, create a list of processes related to call center you need to outsource like telemarketing, order taking and customer support etc.

Tip #2: Analyze Multiple Call Center Metrics

A good call center keeps the reports related to call center metrics like hold time, average wait time and first call resolution ready at all times. You can go through these metrics of a call center and compare with other options available. This is one of the most authentic ways to finalize a call center for your project.

Tip #3: Be Strategic about Locations

Normally, call center firms in developing countries like India are suitable for customer support with high volume of inbound calls. If selected correctly, these countries can also help you in saving a lot of money.

On the other hand, companies in expensive nations like the U.S. are perfect for functions which have products with high margin.

Tip #4: Carefully Analyze Firms that Offer Highly Economical Services

It is obvious that we go for the call center firms that offer services at reasonable prices. But if an outsourcing vendor is offering services with multiple features at extremely low prices, then there is possibility that quality of the services may be below the expectations. Therefore, perform a strict analysis for these service providers which are willing to charge low than the market prices.

Tip #5: Go Through the Technology

Technology is an inevitable factor which makes the outsourcing vendor more trustable. Make sure that service provider constantly upgrades the technology of the center for smooth running of the operations. Give strong focus on technologies used for relaying messages and executing communication in the center.

Tip #6: Check the References and Reviews

Take some time in checking the reviews and feedback made by the other clients for the company. This can be done by performing the research online to check the response of other firms for the call center firm. Contact other companies directly which have worked with the service provider for extracting a detailed feedback.

Tip #7: Discuss the Security Measures

This is one of the most crucial steps while Outsourcing Call Center Operation to secure data of end-customers. A trusted outsourcing vendor installs multiple levels of security and privacy measures in the call center. Make sure to check that these data storage and security methods are as per the current standards. Also, choose the vendor which follows regulatory compliance as per the location of the center. A good outsourcing firm also keeps a disaster recovery plan for the natural or man-made calamities.

Tip #8: Transparency is Essential

Transparency is quite an inevitable part of every outsourcing process as it ensures that project is operational as per your business needs. Therefore, choose the vendor which is able to provide the detailed reports associated with the project. Also, make sure the vendor involves your company in the agent training process related to your project.

Tip #9: Check the Ability to Handle Customer Data

Present scenario requires the business to have detailed information of end-customer to analyze their needs and behavior. Therefore, choose the customer support service provider which effectively integrates the customer data into your company’s CRM software.

Tip #10: Make Sure that Other Channels of Customer Support are Available

Having support systems like social media, live chat and email are inevitable in the present competitive world. Therefore, it is imperative to select a call center that offers customer support for all these mediums. If you are part of a small or mid-sized firm, there are chances that you may opt for support through phone only. In these cases too, choosing a call center which offers multi-channel support will be beneficial for you in later stages when company plans to expand its business.


Outsourcing partnerships are failed multiple times due to lack of planning by the companies. You can avoid such scenarios these above discussed tips and maintain lasting relationship with your vendor.

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