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Turning Call Center Agents into Marketing Experts

Marketers are one the most creative and trusted species in the business world as they have power to turn an ordinary company into a renowned brand. But do know which other department has power to do create similar magic? It’s the call center agents.

Yes, the customer support agents in call centers are also now counted as part of marketing team as they too help in influencing the customers to stick with the brand forever.

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This is because they are one of the few groups of people that are in contact with end-customers on regular basis. And the quality of communication decides whether the customer will repeat the shopping or not. This truly makes the call center agents most valuable brand ambassadors of the company.

Let’s see how call center agents can work in analogy with the marketing experts to receive better results for the brand.

Utilization of Journey Maps

Journey maps are generally defined as a mapping of complete customer experience which starts from first contact with the customer and continues till after sales service or repurchase.  This method is often implemented by marketers to analyze the journey of customers to improve the marketing campaigns. This method can also be successfully used by call center agents to analyze the major causes of issue faced by the customers. This will help the agents to track the information which is not provided by the company to the customer. It will allow these executives to understand the methods used by the customer to solve the issue by themselves.

Effective Data Analytics

Digital world is getting filled with enormous amount of raw data. This data in the form of audio, text and videos etc. is often utilized by marketing teams to plan out marketing campaigns.

The call centers are mines of customer data which can be implemented wisely to extract information that can help in predicting the behavior of customers. The data can help the call centers to plan the effective responses on different touchpoints like phone, email and live chat etc. Also, it can be used by customers to predict the response of the customers for specific words or phrases.

Creation of Personas

Personas are one of the favorite tricks of marketing world in present scenario utilized for creating effective marketing campaigns. Personas can be described as the fictionalized characters having a set of features which are used to predict the response of end customers.

This creative technique can be effectively applied by call center agents for multiple purposes. First of all, these personas can prepare the agents to talk more smoothly for generating the leads more effectively. Also, the agents can practice the proper response to the customer’s queries by using different personas. Consistency in responses is a vital benefit linked to the creation and usage of personas by every agent.

Personalization is Loved by Users

Every digitally active brand believes in sending personalized messages through emails or in the form of the mobile app notification. This is growing trend of marketing world in which customers are notified about some new category or latest sale. This form of personalization can also be adopted by call center employees while responding on different mediums. Call centers can track the past purchases of the customer and alter the email messages accordingly. They can also use this technique by changing the format of the email along with addition of agent’s name while responding to the queries.

Exploiting the Potential of Social Media

Digital marketers are heavily dependent on social media for spreading the positive word about the company. This is because more than 2 billion people across the globe are active on social media networks. Call centers too can exploit the benefits of this digital realm through multiple techniques. Normally, the contact center agents believe that replying positively to a customer’s query is the last step while handling social media for customer support. But it is more than that! The agents can ask the customers to ‘Share,’ ‘Favorite,’  ‘Retweet’ or ‘Like’ the positive response received from the company’s end. Also, by remaining active for 24 hours, the call centers can keep monitoring the brand mentions to ensure that negative publicity is spread by the users. They can also recommend some alternative items from the available products from the company’s available stock.


Every business in present scenario needs to evolve as per the changing times to ensure survival. The Call Centers also should be part of this evolution in which their agents should be no less than marketing experts.


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