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In terms of technology used call centers india is second to none and has successfully launched India's one and only end to end CISCO based IP network call center by the name Vcare Care Call Centers India (P) Ltd, based out of a small suburb in the national capital territory region, This center has all the modern facilities a center must have and is situated in a huge campus spanning more than 11000 sq. ft, employing over 400

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Sam RayRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Sam Ray]

Abe sale teri maa Randi h Kya
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

Am i the only one got sc@mmed by these fr@udsters? why others are not speaking about it. Not reporting these sc@mmers is like supporting them indirectly.
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

Rajesh Mishra thanks for your input.
Yes Ajay 175 is a sc@mmer I will post his two accounts he use to take money and Never ship products.

Jitender aka kc pharma aka Robin Jason beware he is using new name kc pharma.

Skype: healthcare96
Rajesh MishraRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Rajesh_mishra_Rajesh_mishra]

Good work bhot chor haan iss line sabke name likho

Skype._ Ajay 175

Skype _ Arman malik2670

Another sc@mmers

I have control and non control shipment us to us available only


You have order so contact me My email I have best brand quality
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

More to come. I will post few other sc@mmer Information later today.
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

John dsouza
I totally understand your point why I put myself in Your situation.
Do you think Iam not Gonna start a list of fr@ud centers? I soon will start two other list one for centers who che@t other one is genuine shippers. I can across some wonderful shippers who put their own money to ship my orders when Iam in poor condition.

All the fr@uds are nothing but a curse to the industry.
Just like you came out I want everyone to come out and speak about the sac@mmers so we can save ourselves from falling victim repeatedly.
john dsuzaRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [globalxstore]

Hi David
you are doing great work, you have to also give details of f@ke center , I get sc@mmed by skype-dominique.lewis1210, this person che@ted me 500 USD. i am genuine shipper, in starting he pay us 2 times and third time he request to ship orders, after shipping he disappear.
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

Jitender aka healthcare 96
Skype: Robin Jason big time sc@mmer.
He uses three accounts

meenu singh
Ac Type : saving
Ac Number :017701589050
IFSC Code :ICIC0000177

Account no: 1443000110964610
ifsc code: PUNB0144300

Account no :1443000110964665
ifsc code:PUNB0144300

David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

More to come with all details. Have received a few other sc@mmer info from known centers. Will post later today.
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

Another sc@mmer

Skype: jack Rogers

Account information:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 083610027532

He lives off sc@mming people yet he uses profanity when confronted about the same.
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

Steve I'll contact you soon, I'll create a new thread for trustworthy Shippers and add everyone I have dealt and dealing now.

This is one is for all cheap sc@mmers
Steve PRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Leadandmed]

Bhai agar genuine shipping karwana ho with guaranteed delivery then pm rate Jada hoga
Baki se but we guarantee genuine medicine and delivery
Pm or call 8336874006
India -us
China -us
Europe -us
David FlookRe: Pharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

I urge fellow centers to post your recent experience with any such sc@mmers. Update this thread on daily basis so we can back ourselves up and kick these sc@mmers off.

David FlookPharma shipment Sc@mmer list.    [Scambuster]

To start with I sent 5k to singamedpost

Skype: singamedpost

Name: Varun enterprises
Ac: 37476974471
Bank : sbi

Ruthless fr@ud he didn't even bother to respond after receiving money.

I'm doing this to help others from not falling victim for Same guy. Not sure if this shows up in Google search so if you are sending to new shipper just a Google search can help save your money.

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