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In terms of technology used call centers india is second to none and has successfully launched India's one and only end to end CISCO based IP network call center by the name Vcare Care Call Centers India (P) Ltd, based out of a small suburb in the national capital territory region, This center has all the modern facilities a center must have and is situated in a huge campus spanning more than 11000 sq. ft, employing over 400

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Customer Service is the best Synonym of Marketing

30th December, 2011: The life cycle of a business is all controlled by a strong management and the role of the customers. In this sense we can easily say that the customers are somehow very close to God.

Customer service is one the main essence of the business that craves for a high profit bar and make a position that can be seen by every competitor. In this sense, the prime attention has always been focused on the role of customer service and the factors that can satisfy the basic needs of the prospective customers.

A global study of the call center industry divulges that customer only like to follow a brand only when the customer support after and before sales can exactly meet the requirements. No matter the level of customer care is always better initially before sales, it is now noticed that every segment of a business is dependent on the feedback and interaction with the customers. They are working indirectly to the development of your service line-up and ultimately redirecting your rapport to greater heights.

The customers of 21st century are very clever and capable of judging all the moves initiated by your company. They can take sharp decisions and either keep or kick your service. Therefore, customer service needs a strong commitment in handling the complex business situations. Internet is a too that is also initiating great interest in the market updates. People have started to espouse all the possible technologies that can make them comfortable in saving money and achieving better services.

Apart from the Internet bracket, customers can also arouse Internet about a product/service from their friends. Nowadays, there is hardly any other way by which customer can be led astray. Therefore, an utmost effort in handling the customer relations are taken care by the outsourced partners that are officially known as the BPO or call centers.
Today most of the developed nations have started to outsource their customer care support sections to a call center that can easily stabiles the relations and build concrete loyalty and continuous support. American Marketing Association has delivered a report saying that almost 90% of the potential customers opts for a decision only after reading the online reviews about a service and subsequently makes move.
With all these deep discussions we can conclude to three major benchmarks that can build faith in the process of customer care:

Business around the clock: Customer can only be yours when you dedicate your team to assist them round the clock regarding any issues. Customer never care if your organization is available in the odd hours and would love to appreciate if someone is allotted to handle their calls during holidays or at some special time.

Knowing and taking care of your potential customers: Business can only earn some revenue when the level of customer care meets the demand with a special attention. Know the inclinations of the customer and in which way they are attached to a special brand. You do not have to do any extra efforts but only to listen and initiate their demands with some special manners.

Retaining clients rather than believing in short-term profits: Profit should not be the only target. You need a better stability to handle customers that can be from any service that can start with loyal and honest business ethics. A research says that business can only grow better with the business is all taken care from the customer’s point of view. It is easy to sell a product for once to a customer but very complex to resell the service to that special customer again and again.
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